08 May, 2007

I need a melanin transplant

I swear that almost all of the melanin in my body is concentrated in a very cool oval shaped two inch long birthmark on my left shin. Its quite cute actually, and long ago I named it Spot. It is THE most beautiful cafe-au-lait shade of brown and I've always wanted to be that colour all over. Sadly, I am instead ridiculously fair, and pretty much never tan, though I might beige a little by the end of the summer. I've given up even trying to tan as I never manage more than a good lobster impression, followed by exfoliation in sheets. :( Rather, I just marinate in sunblock and leave it at that.

For the All Species parade, I worked late into the night for a number of nights before finishing my costume, and the night before the parade was up half the night sewing and making a troupe banner, since we didn't have one. I grabbed about four hours of sleep, got up and spent several hours getting into costume, hair (wheee---dreads down to my tush) and makeup, and then gathered the things we needed, including zills and new elastic as I had flung a zill a few days earlier. I remembered nearly everything...I forgot a critical item for an obscenely fair skinned person however. I forgot my trusty SPF 60. Needless to say, I burnt to a crisp--just barely shy of blistering. Thankfully my costume had long sleeves and covered most of me, but my face, chest, cleavage and belly were very well toasted. Its now four days later and my poor chest is even sorer than before, despite making sure to put SPF 60 on lavishly before leaving the house since the burn. Its my own fault of course, but it makes me SO envious of all of you out there blessed with more melanin than I have. Anyone care to donate any to the cause? I'm putting myself on the melanin transplant list!

Above is not a good shot because the burn got much brighter after this, plus you can't see the way cool stripeys from coin head-dress and belly drape, but it does show at least a little of the burn.

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