10 September, 2007

Rain won't stop me....

Waving hi from the side of the highway

I've been wanting to do a photoshoot with the giant whale tail sculptures on the side of the highway for a while now, so when the day finally came and the weather wasn't the nicest, I wasn't about to let it stop me. I had planned on taking shots with both wings of Isis and my silk fire veil, but because of the rain I opted to forget the veil, since the silk just wouldn't fly when weighed down with rain. That compromise aside, it was a lot of fun even with the rain. I'm not sure its really legal to park on the side of the highway unless its an emergency, so we tried to make it a speedy affair. As soon as I unfurled the wings, passing cars and trucks started honking their horns. I'm going to take those as honks of approval and surprise rather than honking at the crazy woman dancing around with giant silver wings by the whale tails.

We managed to get a nice set of shots in record time--I think we were there all of about 15 minutes. It was long enough to get chilled to the bone, but not long enough to be sopping wet. Looking at the photos and comparing them to shots from a year ago I noticed that I definitely look smaller and more toned despite the scale telling me that I've gained. I'm still working on getting the scale numbers down, but the photos don't lie. I'm pretty sure I put on some muscle since if it were all fatty tissue I would look larger rather than smaller. I've kicked up my dance schedule as well--I now take about five hours of class a week, plus have troupe rehearsal and daily practice on my own . That practice is about to increase even more since have to choreograph a solo with the wings for our New Years Eve gig at the state capitol. I want to put on a good show for all the New Year's revelers!

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