27 April, 2012

Coming up on two years post-op, life is good. I did notice some definite changes related to the change in horomone levels, but they are stabilized and managed now. I noticed some definite fatigue, and was turning into lizard woman with dry flaky skin. My hair has still not recovered in terms of thickness and went through a good year of exceptionally slow growth. Weight (which I didn't need more of), wants to accumulate at even the thought of food. I am now on 100mcg of thyroxine daily and much of the symptoms I've just decribed are improving. I actually feel rested now, or as rested as you can be when keeping the busy schedule we keep. My hair is starting to grow again, and my skin is almost back to normal. Weight is still an ongoing issue, and in all likelihood will continue to be for life. I no longer freeze when it drops below 70 and actually have warm feet on occasion. I do have palpitations more frequently than I used to, but they aren't an issue since they rarely last longer than 30 seconds at a time.

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