27 August, 2007

Centralia revisited.

I took my annual trip south to take my eldest daughter to school (actually this time to catch her flight to Italy for her year studying abroad) and again routed through Frackville so that we could see the changes in Centralia. The town itself looks pretty much the same, but the abandoned section of route 61 has been getting worse each year. The ground underfoot has always been hot, to the point where barefoot it was only tolerable for 5-6 minutes. This year it was so hot that it actually started melting the soles of my shoes, and there was MUCH more smoke emanating from the cracks and fissures in the road. Photos from our first trip in 2005 are here for comparison to the photos I'm uploading now. Its a huge amount of change in three years!
Not only was it a humid 96 degree day, but the heat coming off the ground was intense!

For comparison, this photo of the "Mommy crack" was taken in 2005. The same crack today (with my foot for size comparison--shoes ON this time):

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