25 August, 2007

She's leaving, on a jet plane...

Its been a bittersweet few days. My eldest daughter, my firstborn, my creative and talented artistic wonder is headed off to Italy for a year. She has the opportunity to study abroad for her Junior year at University, and the logical destination for an Italian major would be old Italia. I'm absolutely thrilled for her, and very excited that she's going, but its a bittersweet joy since she'll be gone for almost a year and a half. We are headed down to Pennsylvania to take her to catch her flight out, and I swear that she is the lightest packer ever! She has one 48 pound suitcase and one small carry-on bag. Thats a tiny amount of luggage to cover all of her needs for a year. I'll have to send her some care packages since I'm sure she'll need more than that during the year. One project once I'm home again is to get her a set of silk long underwear and custom dye it--warm, comfy and beautiful for my jewel of a daughter. I think I miss her already and she hasn't even boarded the plane yet!

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