08 August, 2007

I'm in business


Anonymous said...

Swim, my friend, SWIM
I can't remember now how it was i found you here on the 'web, but i thought it was you as soon as i started reading!
Sadly my wife isn't interested in getting into belly dancing, and as i told you last time i saw you, i just ain't built for dancin'......But hey, post away! every time we meet up in a store we seem to end up in the way of all the "shoppers"-at least this way we won't be taking up somebody else's space!

Be well, kat! Don't work too hard! Come swim sometime if you get the chance, I usually make it up tue, thur. and Sat, consistently an hour before closing.

gonnabecanuck said...
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gonnabecanuck said...

Too cool that you found me!

I was swimming today as a matter of fact. I'm getting the tattoos on my feet touched up tomorrow though, so there will be no swimming for the three weeks of healing time *sigh*
I would love to swim at FIF more often, but they raised the per diem price to a ridiculous $12 per day, and that adds up quickly. Want to bring me as a guest? *grin* I need a regular workout buddy...it makes a repetitive task much more fun.