26 August, 2010

Day one, post hemithyroidectomy

Day one post op. I was sore, but really not nearly as badly as I expected. The dressing itches something fiercely, and has a small amount of bloody drainage on it. I snapped a cellphone camera photo to document it, as well as a nice one of my huge purple hematomato on my arm. The latter is actually quite a lovely colour. The local is pretty well worn off so I rang for some pain medication to keep things to a dull roar, since they are tolerable but definitely reaching the decidedly uncomfortable mark. The doc ordered morphine--great. Not only does it not do anything for pain for me, it gives me the dread urinary retention. While getting up to pee every two hours is not fun, having urinary retention is less fun. Vanessa was wonderful and listened to my concern, getting me an order for Vicodin which does work for me. She offered 2 tabs,but one generally knocks me on my ass, so one it was. Sure enough,an hour later I was out cold from it, rousing only to go to the bathroom or change positions. My neck isn't very swollen but I can't really lie on my right side because its pretty sore then. The hot flashes are continuing and are a big surprise. It feels like my inner child got her hands on flamethrower, not just matches! My emotions are all over the place, alternately elated and weepy for no reason. Its got to be horomonal flux, but jeeze, they didn't take ovaries, just half my thyroid! I'm also getting VERY sore all over, so turning from side to side and getting out of bed is an achy project. I feel like I've been hit by a truck, and it doesn't make sense given the surgery I had.

On the plus side. by 2 am last night the nausea was gone and my appetite was back in a big way. The doc advanced my diet and that 2 am sandwich was nectar of the gods. Breakfast this morning had more calories on the tray than I usually have in an entire day, and I picked at it, eating the protein, but really having little interest in the muffin or sugary cereal. After breakfast the doc and his entourage of minions arrived to check me out and (to my surprise) remove the dressing. The pulling wasn't a lot of fun, but the dressing has been so itchy that I'm glad to have it off. Now, I wait for Les to wake up so I can be discharged.

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