26 August, 2010

Post op day 1: at home

After discharge, we dropped off my pain Rx at Walmart and since we had a 30-60 minute wait, went to get dinner. Chicken fried steak was EXACTLY what I wanted for some reason, and hit the spot. I am still stiff all over, and can't really turn my head, but have no swallow issues, and definitely notice that its a LOT easier to breathe. I have a little swelling and am stiff from that, but really its the itching from the tegaderm that is driving me batty. Dinner finished, I'm rapidly running out of energy, so we head back to pick up my pain med so I can go home and crash. I waited in line only to be told that I couldn't pick up my prescription because it wasn't due for refill yet! I was flabbergasted. What refill? I had been discharged from the hospital two hours before and it was the initial prescription! It seems that the hospital had called it into their pharmacy even though we had a paper Rx from the day before to fill, and they had filled it and charged my insurance even though we hadn't picked it up there. Between that, hot flashes, sheer exhaustion and my head weighing five metric tons, I was ready to cry. The Walmart pharmacist was very nice about it and tracked down the problem, having them reverse the charge to my insurance so we could pick it up there rather than fight rush hour traffic back to UCSD to pick it up.

Once home I took a vicodin and crawled into bed, gone to the world in a matter of minutes. A few of our ubiquitous El Cajon ants crawled on me during the night and I was filled with the mental picture of having my incision attacked by thousands of them, rather like they attacked Lillith's mouse a few weeks ago. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, and I slept all night, undisturbed except by some pretty achy position changes. Les was delighted to report that I didn't snore at all, and he actually woke several times to make sure I was still breathing. The surgery was worth it for the greater ease in breathing alone, let alone the final definitive word on benign vs malignant.

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