25 August, 2010

S-day is here! Time to have my thyroid out at last...

After a couple of biopsies and doing some research, I settled upon Dr. Weisman of UCSD to do my thyroid surgery. He did a CT scan a few weeks ago that showed at 40% occlusion of my airway, explaining the strangling sensation I've been complaining about for quite some time. It also impacts my swallowing, so I'll be glad to have it out though I'm ridiculously nervous about surgery itself. I know I'm healthy and a low risk candidate, but I'm afraid of dying during surgery and I'm just not ready to stop living yet. I feel like I've started to hit my stride and I have LOT more living to do.

Yesterday I worked, then came home and changed for dance class. I normally take all three of Sabrina's classes, but I ran out of energy after two and a half hours and bailed on the last hour in favour of getting something to eat. I fired up Garmin and the closest Indian restaurant was in the Gaslamp. As expected, there was NO parking in the Gaslamp, so I headed to Hillcrest instead. Wonder of wonders, I found parking within thirty seconds of arriving in Hillcrest, AND even better, it was across the street from an Indian restaurant. I had decided I wanted Indian food in case it was my last meal. I had lamp saag with palak stuffed parantha and galub jamun for dessert. Diet be damned. I also had a half a beer. I just couldn't finish it though the amount I had did help somewhat with nerves. I drove home, chugged water until midnight, showered, washed my hair and braided it wet to contain it for surgery, and packed the things I wanted to take to the hospital for my overnight stay.

Its now just after 4 am and I'm reluctantly awake and getting ready to head out. Poor Les worked all night and got his boss to let him leave a little early so he could take me to UCSD this morning. The plan is for him to stay with me but he just suggested coming home to sleep and them coming back to the hospital after surgery to see me. I couldn't help it, I burst into tears. I do NOT want to be alone waiting to go back to surgery.

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